The Dinner List

Haven’t we all had the conversation that makes us decide who we’d want to invite to dinner, dead or alive? 🧐 Personally I’d have to choose my grandparents, Jane Austen, My High School History Teacher and my Mom. Why? You might ask, well that’s a whole other story!

Rebecca Serle does it again in this AMAZING story about protagonist Sabrina and her unconventional 30th birthday dinner. The novel begins with her dinner including guests Audrey Hepburn, her best friend Jessica, her University Professor, her late father and her first love, Tobias. 📝

The story goes between her dinner, and her past which reveals why she invited these specific people in the first place. The purpose of her having this dinner is to find peace and reconciliation. Kinda a big ask over one dinner right? ⏰

Serle is also the author of In Five Years which gravitated me towards this novel being that I love her work already! In a similar manner, The Dinner List is beautifully written with just a hint of tragedy so you’re reminded of your human emotions. 💔

I loved this read so much I finished in two days! If you get the chance, talk about who’s on your dinner list, then read this book. It’ll help you re-evaluate your list 😉.

Overall Cupcake Count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the dinner parties


Confessions of a Shopaholic: Book Review

Yes, I am late to getting this review since the book was published in the early 2000’s and a movie was already made BUT, still a book you can relate to in 2021. 😁🛍

Sophie Kinsella is a former financial journalist and uses this knowledge as she makes her protagonist Rebecca Bloomwood, one as well. The hilarious and relatable book will keep you turning the page immediately (I finished it in 6 hours just saying)! 😍🤑

The adventures of Becky go through the chapters each ending/beginning with a letter from her bank stating she is in a lot of debt and running out of time to pay it off. Although Becky ignores these letters, 📧she is aware of her financial crisis, but she can’t stop shopping! Been there… it was all on sale. Okay, maybe not all of it. But a super good deal. I found a coupon. Okay, nevermind, back to Becky Bloomwood. 😳

As Becky works her way through London trying to cut back on spending, she ends up spending more, so her next solution is to make more! 📈

As she finds herself entangled in all these financial problems, she lands a segment on the fictional News Series Morning Coffee, as viewers call in so she can give her expertise on finance. Talk about the irony!☕️

To her surprise Becky ends up meeting her new love interest over a Denny and George Scarf that she needs 20£ for, and he lends it to her as she pretended it was for her dying aunt in the hospital! 🧣

Through the laugh out loud moments, to the extremely relatable ones the novel ends with Becky coming face to face with the Bank manager who she’s ignored the whole book! I won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but it’s a pretty iconic novel. 🍾🛍🛒

Overall Cupcake Count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the shopping sprees 👠👗👚👑👛


Tasc Tulip Farm

April showers bring May flowers! ☔️💐

Located in Fenwick, Ontario Canada, Tasc Tulip farm is open for the season!

I am definitely not one to say I have a green thumb but I can never resist the beauty of flowers!🌷🌹🌻💐

This is a pick your own Tulip farm and admission to the farm is 18$ CAD🎟. Your ticket includes entry and 1️⃣0️⃣ hand picked tulips of your choice!💐

Tasc has planted over 2 million Tulip bulbs and each row has a name and description of what it will look like when bloomed!

The farm is set up with different props for those Instagram moments most people are looking for📸 but it also has picnic tables for you to stop and smell the roses!

(Tulips in this case😉)

At the end of your tulip picking Tasc wraps them for you in paper to avoid a mess and then you’re on your way! ☀️

What better way to ring in the spring season then with a hand picked bouquet? 💐

Tasc is a must try before the season ends!

Yours ‘til the two lips,


Go Set A Watchmen : Book Review

Were you one of the lucky ones forced to read Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird in highschool? 🕊

I sure was! And thank goodness because if it weren’t for my high school English teacher, I never would have been introduced to such a phenomenon! 📚

This Sequel was released after Harper Lee passed away in early 2016, as it was published by her daughter.

Go Set A Watchmen tells the story of Scout or Jean Louise Finch grown up and living in New York City, but returns to visit her hometown Maycomb Alabama. 🇺🇸 Which also allowed me to see Scout as a grown 26 year old woman trying to separate herself from her father’s beloved reputation in town.

Early on it is revealed that her brother Jem passed away only a year after the first books final chapter! How sad! 😔

This book is beautifully written and the events and topics of racism are still relevant in todays society. This story captures Scout’s painful yet beautiful transition of growing up. 💗

The journey Scout endeavours reveals how one’s journey in life is guided by your conscience and the impact childhood trauma has. ❤️‍🩹

Harper Lee has captured a novel of wisdom, humanity, passion and humour all in one! 📘

Even if you haven’t read To Kill A Mockingbird, this novel holds its own in terms of discussion on the civil rights tensions and political turmoil of the 1950’s. 💪🏻

Needless to say this book is great! A timeless classic that is the perfect edition for any lover of classics.

Overall Cupcake Count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the New York Times,🗽


Meet Me in London: Book Review

‘Tis the season! If you’re anything like me and find your guilty pleasures in the cheddariest of cheesy Hallmark movies, then you also probably love the ooey gooey cheese that come in the holiday books too! 🧀

Meet Me in London 🌃🇬🇧 is an amazing book that I finished in one day! 🤓

Taking place in the city I desire most to visit, this story is nothing short of a holiday romance of rags to riches. Victoria teaches fashion design to a group of students from her apartment, while also working as a local bartender. 🥂👗🪡

New in town moves in a new department store which the townspeople are none too happy about as it will take away the magic of their community run economy. 🛍

Victoria’s life changes when she unknowingly meets the owner of the new department store and not only wins a chance for her designs to be on the runway, but also his heart. ❤️‍🔥

Victoria agrees to play along and pretend to be a couple with this man for the sake of his overworked and soon to retire parents, but before they know it sparks are flying right before their eyes! 💥

However a secret Victoria keeps may or may not be the deal breaker between the heir of this booming company. She becomes determined to keep this facade exactly that in fear that her secret will come out. Can she really go through with it?

This novel has so many twists and turns and secrets that it simply must be on your holiday reading list! If you’re also a sucker for a happy ending, then no need to worry. What’s a holiday book without the festive cheer at the end! 🎄

This is one of many holiday reads I’ll be getting into. So no need to worry! Make sure to give this book a try! I promise it won’t disappoint!

Overall cupcake count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the Hallmark Movies🎁☃️


Pumpkins After Dark

Pumpkin’s After Dark, is a seasonal pop up at Country Heritage Family Farm, located in Milton, ON is Canada’s largest pumpkin drive thru! 🎃

This was initially created as a ‘drive thru’ instead of a walk through last year during the pandemic since it’s a great way to enjoy the season all in the safe comfort of your car! Only in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta get the pleasure of seeing all these hand carved master pieces!🇨🇦

Admission starts at (2 people) CAD 39$ 💰 per car and goes up depending how many people your car can hold.

When you arrive, turn your car radio to the station 89.1 to listen to an interactive narration on the history of the pumpkin carving, as well as music to go along with the drive!📻

It’s a 2.5 KM, 45 minute drive thru trail with over Hand carved pumpkins! (Some are real and some are artificial since real ones would rot way too quickly). 🎃🔪👻💀

Be sure to check it out! Limited time only September 17- November 8th 2021! Tickets will sell out! 🎃🚙🍂

Enchanting archway 🎃✨

Happy spooky season!🎃🇨🇦☀️🍃🍂📸🦃🥧👻

Yours ‘til the pumpkin patches


Brown Girl Dreaming: Book Review

I had to gasp several times reading this cover. I mean? Is it appropriate? Is it allowed? Is it too much? 😦

The answer to those questions are yes, yes and never enough.

Through a series of Prose poetry, the author shares her personal biography on what it was like to grow up as an African American in the 1960s and 1970s, living with the remnants of Jim Crow and her growing awareness of the Civil Rights movement. 💪🏻

Not expecting to be so touched by this book, I quickly realized it is very deserving of being decorated in all the awards you see on the cover. 🏆

This is the kind of read that keeps you wondering and opens your mind to the possibilities you may have never had to consider in your lifetime. The author does an elegant job of telling her story in a poetic manner. Even the heavy parts are read in an airy tone. 🕊

I finished this book within two sittings! I couldn’t put it away! Not to mention I cannot stand waiting for an ending, so books never really last that long when I’m involved. 😉

If you’re looking for a culturally sound and dynamic read, this ones for you!

Overall cupcake rating: 🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the songbirds sing


The Paper Palace

Where do I start with this book? Perhaps that I didn’t like it?

It gave me bad dreams😫, I cried 4 times😭 and then at the end I actually kinda liked it?🤔

Are you confused too? 🤯

The Paper Palace is a heartfelt, gut wrenching novel that goes back and forth between the protagonists life growing up, to the present day. 🖼⛵️🏚

Elle begins by telling her story of her childhood crush who she grew up with every summer at her grandparents cottage they all refer to as ‘the paper palace’. Through a series of back and forth chapters of all those summers to the present, Elle is torn between her loving husband who she shares 4 kids with and her childhood reunion with the man she has always loved. After she endeavours an affair with her true love she is left constantly reliving the tortures and hardships this paper palace reminds her of.


This book references sexual assault, rape, domestic abuse and content not suited for young readers. Definitely an 18+ read! 🔞

As now you can probably see why myself, a supposedly stable 21 year old, cried a lot during this novel. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s that I’m still learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Life is a process! 🙈🙉🙊

This book is a great summer read (even though it’s fall now and summer has come and gone) 🍂🍃🌞and I would totally recommend it! Just be prepared it’s a heavy book and by no means an easy read.

This book is also stamped with the new Reese’s Book Club logo as Reese Witherspoon shared her love for this book as well! 💛

Be sure to download the app for Reese’s Book Club to be the first to know her choice for book of the month and discuss with fellow readers like me! 💻📚

Although this novel is about Elle Bishop and not Elle Woods, it’s still one to remember😉

Overall Cupcake Rating: 🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the paper palace


La Maison Rose Patisserie & Cafe

Located in Grimsby, ON Canada, La Maison Rose Cafe is a quaint little dessert shop! 🏠🌹

The cafe was featured on Narcity Canada (that’s a big deal! If you’re Canadian I can hear you gasping from here!) as part of the pop up decor for the 70th anniversary of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland! 💙☕️🫖


Due to the smaller space and COVID restrictions, indoors was only open to order and take photos but the patio was open and equally as nice!

The menu (featured below) has everything from ice cream, brownies, macrons, cannolis and iced coffee! 🍦🍪🍰

The iced coffee was good! I got one with oat milk and I must say it was gone instantly!

Iced coffee rating : 🏅🏅🏅

With great prices, great food and great decor how could you not want to hop in the car and head over this instant!? Definitely a must see before the pop up decor is gone!


Yours ‘til the wonder lands 🐰


Meet Me In Monaco: Book Review

Grace Kelly will forever be an icon of mine from beauty to grace to being married into the royal Grimaldi family, she embodies everything I have always dreamed of. 🤩

Also if you’re a Gossip Girl Fan you’ll know Blair is engaged to a ‘Grimaldi’ for season 5 👑

The novel Meet Me In Monaco by Gaynor and Webb tells the story of Grace Kelly’s wedding from a new fictional perspective. The authors have added some affairs and contrasting characters to the royal wedding which creates for some juicy drama! 😉

Set in the 1950s (before all the social media and all things Tik Tok got big) the protagonist Sophie Duval is a local perfume shop owner who goes out of her way to rescue Grace Kelly from the press, James Henderson, who in their own tale need a photo of her to sell in order to keep a roof over their heads. 📸

Cannes Paris is none other than the scene of the royally famous film festival, Sophie graciously shelters Grace from the press invasion and James. But I’m doing so a bond is created between Sophie and Grace which only further endows years of love, tragedy and friendship. ❤️‍🔥

This book is a must read if you love vintage movies, elegance and scandal between the royal family.

Cupcake rating: 🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours til the royal weddings 💍